Combined Tour

Your very special visit to Dublin's leading Museums will commence with:

Book of Kells

National Gallery of Ireland Tour

A light, entertaining and interactive tour where you will gain a new insight into art and develop the skills to identify for yourself what you like and why! Better still, you will leave with the confidence and a framework of knowledge that sets you up to enjoy future art viewing in any gallery in the world. This tour is an introduction to the world of art. Cathy uses a unique chronological order and style to chart the development of art up to and including modern art - effectively a ‘crash course’ in the history of art.

Paintings from the gallery's extensive collection are used as examples, including Caravaggio's world famous The Taking of Christ, to explain the essence of different art movements. We look at Impressionism, at Cubism and at a selection of classic masterpieces and of course Irish Art.

Coffee break

We take a well deserved coffee break to sample some of the delicious pastries in the gallery café before going to Trinity College for your tour of the Book of Kells exhibition.

Book of Kells

Book of Kells

No visit to Dublin would be complete without seeing this world renown book containing the four Gospels of the New Testament in Latin expertly illustrated. The Book of Kells is famous for its lavish and beautiful decoration.

You will enjoy a full and complete tour of the exhibition, including an explanation of the magical Ogham alphabet, leading to a better understanding as to why this book is so famous.

We also look at the magnificent Long Room in the Old Library and walk through Trinity College and discover some of the history of this fascinating college.