Combined Tour2

Learn a life-enriching skill while on holidays!

Do you visit art galleries while on holidays and wish you knew a little more about art?

A relaxing tour of Dublin's two main galleries with Cathy is the answer. Cathy believes art should be accessible, demystified and that everyone can be their own expert

This is a morning tour with a wonderful difference. It's not just a gallery tour, it's also a facinating discovery of the joys of art and an insight into the hidden secrets behind different art movements.

I know that you are on holidays, so my aim is to give you a fun, enjoyable and informative holiday experience. As we part company at the end of your tour my wish is that you will leave with enhanced skills on how to get the most enjoyment from any future visit to any gallery in the world.

I hope to share with you experiences like: what makes a painting a masterpiece...why is a painting famous...what is this painting really about...what should I look for in a painting like this?

As we will be in the beautiful surroundings of the National Gallery - home of the world famous Caravaggio painting The Taking of Christ and the Hugh Lane gallery where you have a unique opportunity to view Francis Bacon's entire Studio, I will use paintings from these galleries extensive collections as examples to explain the different art movements up to and including modern art.

Your morning is not all hard work! We will stop for coffee and pastries and a chat mid morning and I will have a private driver waiting to take us on the short journey from the National Gallery to the Hugh Lane Gallery ... door to door service to make your experience as relaxing as possible.